Tuesday, February 11, 2014

10 Kitchen Trends Here to Stay

Source: Centsationalgirl.com

The kitchen is where we cook and bake, and spend time with family and friends. It must stand up to daily wear and tear, moisture, heat, and the march of time when it comes to design trends. In the past few years, many trends are proving they have staying power, here’s a glance at ten looks that are defining modern kitchen design.

Open Shelving. This bistro style has surged in popularity over the past few years and while many have questioned whether it’s timeless (including me) it’s a look that so many of us embrace now and ranks high on many a homeowner’s list as an opportunity to showcase pretty dishes or glass containers within easy reach.

Two Color Cabinetry.  It used to be two separate colors between the island and surrounding cabinets, but now the two color cabinetry look is different. Now the two tone look is above and below. Choosing lighter cabinets above gives the illusion of less weight while the darker color on the base cabinets feels grounded. This is a modern and stylish way to mix tones, and one way to give an older single color kitchen a new look.

Tile to the Ceiling. This is my favorite look in kitchens, those feature walls of tile that go straight up to the ceiling and/or wrap around windows. Yep, it’s an added expense and unnecessary for function beyond the back of a range and the few inches needed above the counter but wow, what a statement it makes, right?

Brass Fixtures. The warmth of brass is surging again and looks equally as appealing next to warm grays and wood surfaces as it does against cooler white or black tones.

Wood Countertops. They’re a higher maintenance surface, but offer a warmth that granite or marble can’t provide. Have your wood countertops custom made by a local maker, or consider butcher block versions are readily available from vendors like IKEA and easy to install without professional help.

Recycled & Reclaimed Materials.  Compared to the generations of the past, we’re fortunate to have so many choices of eco-friendly materials including recycled glass tiles and countertops, cork and bamboo floors and reclaimed wood, all at the top of the list for many considering a remodel.

Neutral Painted Cabinets. Gray, greige, taupe, and gray greens offer a nice change to the stark white kitchens we’ve love but have seen over and over – the slightly warmer yet neutral hues feel elegant and refined.

Contemporary Wood Fronts. The warmth of wood is returning to the kitchen scene as many designers are including cherry, maple, and walnut woods. The door and drawer fronts are streamlined with no raised or beveled paneling and partnered with modern pulls for contemporary appeal.

Less or No Upper Cabinets. So many are now opting out of bulky upper cabinets and instead choosing the beauty of just windows or feature tile. What they sacrifice in storage they gain in an airy aesthetic, but often this look requires architectural consideration from the beginning of a kitchen’s design.

IKEA Cabinets.  IKEA is giving every kitchen cabinet manufacturer serious competition with their streamlined styles and lower prices. Anyone who has ever walked through the IKEA kitchens in stores knows that there are several styles and finishes to choose from, all of them making a kitchen remodel that much more affordable.

What are your thoughts on these kitchen trends? Do you agree they are here to stay or do you think they will fade away in a few years? What styles appeal to you most?

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